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Since the establishment of the party branch of the company in 1990, strictly in accordance with the "five good" party organization standards of non-public enterprises, earnestly do a good job in party building work and enterprise production and management, enterprise innovation and development, corporate culture construction, harmonious enterprise creation, improvement of staff quality and innovation. The organic combination of competition and other activities play an active role in boosting enterprise development and promoting transformation and upgrading. The party branch of the company has been rated as the advanced party organization of Haiyan County, the party building demonstration site of non-public enterprises in Haiyan County, the top ten learning party organization of Haiyan County, the advanced grassroots party organization of Jiaxing City, and the advanced enterprise of “Party Construction and Strong Development” of Jiaxing City, Jiaxing The city's learning-type party organization construction demonstration point, Zhejiang Provincial Party School Cadre Education College on-site teaching points and other honorary titles.

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