• Brand ldentity


  • The logo of EST brand includes two parts

    The logo of EST brand includes two parts :The core part is the initials of "Ever Sharp Tools", i.e. EST, which corresponds to its original Chinese meaningof “Forever Sharp”. These three letters form a unique and memorable identification symbol. The periphery is adiamond shaped frame from a diamond section. These two parts are combined to form a complete Hengfengtools brand logo.

    The EST flag is used as an auxiliary graphic.


  • Color use standard

    Standard Color

    • Hengfeng Blue: 
      Special Color PANTONE Blue 072 C

      Printing Color: C:100  M:85  Y:0  K:0

      RGB: R:31 G:49  B:127

    Secondary Color

    • Bright Blue:
      Special Color PANTONE 2925 C

      Printing Color: C:84 M:21 Y:0 K:0

      RGB: R:10 G:148 B:214

    • Orange:
      Sepcial Color PANTONE Orange 021 C

      Printing Color: C:O M:65 Y:100 K:0

      RGB: R:230 G:112 B:21

    • Light Grey:
      Special Color PANTONE Cool Gray 2 EC

      Printing Color: C:5 M:3 Y:5 K:11

      RGB: R:207 G:208 B:206