EST provides precision cutting & measuring tools and a variety of customized services, including:

  • 1

    Precision resharpening services: broach resharpening service, gear tools resharpening service, drilling and milling tools resharpening service, forming racks & circular roll dies renovation services.

  • 2

    Processing technology services: helical broaching services, precision spline soft & hard broaching services, turbine disc tenon broaching services, spline forming services, spline rolling services, skiving services, precision spline grinding services, etc.

  • 3

    Inspection and testing services: EST has an industry-leading spline laboratory with CNAS qualification, which provides authoritative internal and external spline precision testing services for customers.

  • 4

    Custom design services: EST specializes in providing precision cutting & measuring tools customized design services, and provides internal and external spline processing and measurement solutions, gear processing solutions, thread processing solutions, etc., can meet the customization needs.

  • 5

    New products synchronous development services: While providing customized cutting & measuring tools, EST also provides customers with synchronous development of new products such as small test, pilot test, EST provides a platform for the development and testing of new products for customers.