That game, those gains

2017-06-01 17:08:00 恒锋工具股份有限公司 Viewd 96

In that badminton game, I gained unity, exercised my body, and strengthened my sense of competition.

It is difficult for a person to become a big event without team spirit, an enterprise without team spirit will become scattered in the sand, and a nation cannot be strong without team spirit.As you can imagine, the importance of team spirit.Badminton games can cultivate our team spirit.

This badminton competition was drawn into a team by drawing lots. Some people just formed a new team. Some people don't even know each other. This requires us to have good communication skills.Through communication, we can understand the strength of the players and formulate a reasonable order of play.Of course, on this basis, we must also master the strength of our opponents.When our team communicates together, we forget the division of workshop. We are a team. We must unite, unite our hearts, and move forward.This time our team is average in strength, people are united, and we have good communication, which has laid the foundation for us to win the championship.Under the circumstances of time, place, and people, we lived up to expectations and won the championship.Cohesion produces strength, and unity gives birth to hope.

The members of our team are very focused in every game, fighting with their opponents to “live and die”, and never give up until the last minute.Strength needs to be stimulated by the opponent.Only a strong opponent can inspire one's true strength.Timid people cannot appreciate the thrilling charm of competition. Only by daring to face competition can they fully demonstrate their strength, overcome themselves, and move forward bravely towards their own shortcomings.

Let us show ourselves and reap the strength of team combat; let us exercise for the whole people.Harvest a strong body; let us participate in the competition and reap the fun of competition.