EST Tools Co., Ltd. 2017 Ankang Cup Theoretical Knowledge Competition successfully concluded

2017-04-17 17:18:00 恒锋工具股份有限公司 Viewd 88

In order to promote enterprises to establish and improve safety production rules and regulations, spread safety knowledge, enrich corporate culture, raise the safety awareness of the majority of employees, ensure the safety of enterprise production, and implement the “safety first, prevention first” comprehensive management of production safety work policy.Hosted by the company's trade union and co-organized by the Production Safety Committee, the 2017 Ankang Cup Knowledge Competition was jointly held.

The theme of this year's competition is: master the necessary knowledge of production safety and strive to be a law-abiding and discipline-abiding worker.The purpose of our competition is to strive to better strengthen the basic safety work of each team through safety knowledge competition activities, and to effectively implement team safety activities, safety inspections, and 5S activities to control and reduce the incidence of safety production accidents and traffic accidents, prevent large-scale and major accidents, and make the company's safety production situation continue to develop steadily for the better.

On the morning of April 16th, the Ankang Cup knowledge Competition was held as scheduled in the multi-function conference hall of the new factory on Hengfeng Road.The main content this time includes production safety law, traffic safety Law, 5S management, fire protection and emergency rescue knowledge.Nine teams from various departments of the company, 27 players competed in the competition.Zhou Yaojuan, deputy general manager of the company, was present and made a mobilization speech before the game. The four directors Dai Yongjun, Zhao Qifang, He Weijun, and Pan Weiliang, as well as 32 workshop representatives, came to the scene to watch the game.The competition officially started at 9:30 in the morning. The contestants were full of passion and high fighting spirit. The members of the group cooperated tacitly, fully demonstrating the spirit of teamwork and unity.After more than an hour of answering questions and two rounds of required questions, the administrative team finally won the first place in the group, the technical quality won the second place in the group, and the milling cutter steel plate drilling workshop won the third place in the group.Xu Zhihao of the second workshop of milling cutter steel plate drilling; won the first place in the individual, Gu Hongping of the technical quality group; won the second place in the individual, Cai Haibin of the administrative group; won the third place in the individual, Zhou Yaojuan, Vice president, and Chen Yang, chairman of the trade union presented prizes to the winners.

Through competitions, the friendship between employees has been enhanced, and a safe atmosphere for learning safety knowledge, spreading safety culture, and ensuring safe production has been created.All contestants will bring the safety knowledge and 5S knowledge they have learned into the workshop and into the team to popularize and promote, vigorously promote the good behavior of safety first and compliance with rules and regulations, and permeate these safety knowledge into their daily lives and work, and be a leader in learning safety, talking about safety, and being safe.