TPM Promotion-CNC Machine Tool Maintenance Competition

2017-07-10 15:36:00 恒锋工具股份有限公司 Viewd 106

In order to improve the skills and quality of our company's employees and promote the implementation of equipment management for all TPM staff, two CNC machine tool maintenance competitions were held on June 16, 2017 and June 23, 2017 in the drawing area and the milling cutter steel plate drilling area.

On the day of the competition, each cold processing workshop sent 2 teams, and each team was composed of 3 CNC machine tool operators.Each team member arrived at the game site at the prescribed time in overalls.After Vice President Zhou made a mobilization speech, the start of the competition was announced. The players participating in the competition quickly entered the state. Some climbed to the top of the machine tool to wipe and remove the oil from the top of the machine tool; some climbed into the inside of the machine tool to remove the ash from the inside of the machine tool; some erased the oil and yellow robes of the machine tool from the outside of the machine tool; some checked the oil level of the machine tool pipeline, etc.Every team member participating in the competition actively and conscientiously completes their work. Many team members are in order to add glory to their workshop. During the competition, they forget their work and their overalls are soaked in sweat.After more than 3 hours of hard work, the competition ended within the prescribed time. After this competition, the machine tools were completely refreshed with the efforts of the participating players.After scoring by the referee group, the two film regions were awarded first, second, and third place respectively, and souvenirs were distributed to all employees participating in the competition to encourage them.The whole competition achieved good results. The maintenance of CNC machine tools is no longer the original simple task, but has achieved careful and comprehensive maintenance and maintenance, so that this work has reached a new level.

Through this CNC machine tool maintenance competition, the staff's understanding of machine tool maintenance and maintenance has been improved, which will be able to reduce the failure of machine tools in use, give full play to the efficiency of machine tools, and lay a good foundation for the advancement of TPM work.