Sailing youth lives up to Shaohua

2017-05-08 15:37:00 恒锋工具股份有限公司 Viewd 86

At 2 pm on May 4, 2017, Haiyan County commemorated the 98th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and the Third Top Ten Outstanding Youth Commendation Conference was held at the Haiyan County Grand Theater.Relevant county leaders, the third Top Ten outstanding youth award-winning personnel of Haiyan County, and members of the Communist Youth League of various organs, institutions and enterprises attended the conference.

After the mime "Reenactment of May Fourth", the conference officially kicked off.All stood and sang the National Anthem of the People's Republic of China, and followed the camera to review the growth history of the Haiyan County Communist Youth League.In turn, the top ten outstanding young people in the entrepreneurship and innovation category, the dedication category, and the public welfare contribution category were awarded.The outstanding young people elected include rural cadres from the grass-roots level, heads of enterprises, teachers, police, sports workers, etc.Reading through their resumes, they stood up to the tide and moved forward bravely, burning the flame of youth in the process of Haiyan's reform and development, dedicating their youth strength, and practicing and promoting the spirit of “May Fourth” with practical actions.It is worth mentioning that our company, Mr. Chen, is also among them.Mr. Chen said in his speech after receiving the honor: "I am very happy and excited to receive this award. This honor is actually for all young entrepreneurs who are entrepreneurial and innovative in Haiyan, and I am just one of the representatives.In the future, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, innovation and team spirit, and make more contributions to the economic development of Haiyan.”

Just as on May 4th Youth Day, Shen Xiaohong, Deputy Mayor of Jiaxing City and Secretary of Haiyan County Party Committee, said in a letter to the youth of the county members: “If young people are prosperous, Haiyan is prosperous, and if young people are strong, Haiyan is strong.I firmly believe that contemporary Haiyan youth will be able to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the "May Fourth", dare to be the first, take responsibility, forge ahead, and bear the heavy burden. In the process of accelerating the construction of the "Sanyou Haiyan", they will write a chapter of youth worthy of the times and the people!”

Zhu Yayun