Haiyan County Staff Skills Operation Sports Meeting-Fire Fighting Competition

2017-05-05 15:35:00 恒锋工具股份有限公司 Viewd 102

In order to enhance the fire-fighting skills of front-line employees of enterprises and enhance the ability of enterprises to prevent and resist fires, the Haiyan County Labor Competition Committee arranged by the Haiyan County Labor Competition Committee and co-organized by relevant departments, the Haiyan County Celebration of May 1st and the 7th Workers' Skill Operation Games kicked off on April 28th at Haiyan Nanyuan Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

At 8:30 a.m., the first “Haiyan Craftsman” and the sixth batch of vocational skills leaders commendation ceremony was held.Deputy County governor Wang Jian made an important speech, expressing warm congratulations and high respect to the elected Haiyan craftsmen and vocational skills leaders, and calling on everyone to learn from model workers, outstanding representatives from all walks of life, advanced workers, and Haiyan craftsmen. I hope that everyone will work hard, study hard, and strive for excellence in their respective jobs. Be a craftsman in the new era of contemporary Luban and contribute to the construction of beautiful Haiyan.At the event site, 20 “Haiyan craftsmen” and 10 leaders of the sixth batch of vocational skills in Haiyan County were recognized. Comrade Zhu Peichun of our company was praised by the county leaders as one of the 20 “Haiyan craftsmen”.Comrade Zhu Peichun has been studying hard, studying hard, and innovating in his job for several years. He has accumulated a wealth of machine tool maintenance experience in his long-term work, and has made outstanding contributions to ensuring the normal operation of the company's machine tools. He is a veritable Haiyan craftsman, trusted by company leaders and employees.

Subsequently, the finals of fire-fighting facility operation skills were held. After layers of selection and recommendation by various units in the early stage, more than 90 players from 16 teams across the county were shortlisted for the finals of fire-fighting facility operation skills.The contestants on the scene competed fiercely around the theoretical knowledge test and the actual operation of fire-fighting facilities.Six comrades of our company, Chu Yuliang, Liu Songjie, Liu Hongyue, Jin Lingping, Miao Liqun, and Wang Qiongjiang attended the fire-fighting facility operation skills competition on behalf of the enterprise trade union. After fire-fighting training and hard training, the six participating representatives overcame the practical difficulties of poor foundation and tight time, and dared to challenge themselves, learn new skills and knowledge in the spirit, carefully study every operation step, and quickly master the operation essentials of the entire course, which laid a good foundation for the completion of the competition course.At the same time, with a correct attitude and clear thinking, with the purpose of focusing on participation, increasing knowledge, learning and improving skills, we participate in the competition with a normal attitude and a serious and responsible attitude to ensure that we can give full play to our good technical level during the competition, and strive to win energy and glory for the team.Through active preparation, full preparation before the game and an attitude of knowing the difficulties, all six players completed the two courses on time and achieved good results. They dared to work hard and worked hard. Praised by the leaders of the enterprise and trade union.The participation in this fire-fighting competition has accumulated a technical foundation for the company to popularize the operation skills of fire-fighting facilities, and it has also greatly improved the company's fire-fighting ability.